Sunday, November 9, 2014


We are at the shopping mall,
in a big box store
killing time,  walking aimlessly,
when I think that I see
Chewbaca down one aisle.
So I go back to look
because it probably isn't him.
It is a young man all in
flouro accented black clothes
a young woman very tightly.
Her long, honey coloured hair
enfolds them both and
lies along her arm over his shoulders.
And fake fur on her jacket
made the illusion I saw.
He is a big solid guy and she is
stretch fabric slim
but now she is the strong one,
 his posture is one of
defeat and he looks bereft
and she supports him.
I have to look away,
 the tenderness is too private
to be stared at.
Then a little later
we are buying fancy soap
and I see the person who
pushed me to the edge of breakdown
in a workplace a long time ago.
She is limping and has put on a little weight.
She does not see me because
she is gazing up into the face
of her partner who is supporting her
as they slowly shuffle past.
There is real joy on her face
and red patches shine on her cheeks.
It looks like this may be
the first time she has been
out of bed for a while.
I watch them go and feel nothing
beyond an appreciation of
the bond between them.
I do not wish her harm
life will scar us all
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