Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our Fences

You get a feeling
that you are in this
on your own.
All around are
the little places
that we put aside
to call our own.
They have borders
and fences, even
trees, blocking
the others from entering
those little worlds
we make for ourselves
and our families.
Though nature will
not recognize
our divisions.
There a tree
marks the corners
of three places,
but is owned by none of them..
It is these
divisions that bind us
together as we try
to be be apart
looking for a safe place
in this world.

My poem 'Australia Ablaze' on Poetry24

My poem is here.
I volunteered to be an editor there and feel very privileged to have been accepted. It is a very good poetry site and I felt that it should not be allowed to fold up and the founders had decided to move on. I absented myself from the selection process for my poem.
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