Friday, July 18, 2014


My friend writes that
words leech into paintings.
I think he means leach but
I wonder about the other
because maybe the words
 do wait around looking
for pictures to attach
themselves to.  
Growing fatter on the canvas
as they assume more and more meaning.
Combining with
the brushstrokes to make
more than the artist
first thought.
I wonder if back
out on the Serengeti
we walked swish, swoosh
through the long grass and
words attached themselves
straight to our legs
so that we picked up
"bush with nice fruit" and
"place with water" and
"the piece of darkness that kills".
We are too mature
for words to teach us now
and they must wait for
the artist to lift them into art.
And enshrine them
in the frame.

©Hamish Mack


Peter Bradburn said...

Yes. Brilliant vision H. Leeches can be used to heal as well...yeah I wrote leech instead of leach...Free Grammar And Disappoint The Patriarchy! ;-)

Hamish Mack said...

Yes No Limits on Grammar!!
It was a serendipitous connection of leaches and leeches.

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