Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1912 Ragtime Orchestra.

This was played at the restaurant
where we had our anniversary meal.
We talked back through the years
people, places,events -memories.

You could make a list of it.
This one was kind, this one not,
this place was cold, that one hot.
That cat was strange, this one is worse.

Memories, though are not just a list,
they have sounds, smells, odd details
and feelings, attached.
Like the recording was not just some songs.

You could feel it in the music.
Where sometimes they berated the Devil,
Sometimes loved with all their heart.
Swaggered, when they might have been cowed.

The needle recorded emotions behind words,
Life is not just a recipe, 2 cups this and 1 pinch that.
You can feel the feelings
And accept some comfort.

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