Monday, January 10, 2011

Second River Trip

I travel by road now
with the river on my left
The pace this time is slower
there is time to absorb each memory.

I find that I need to see the river.
When I can't I fret, until I see
the big, beautiful, brown river and
feel it say: Be calm.

Oh, it is quiet up on the bank
birdsong the sole commentary.
Putting threads into the big story,
recording every day.

Trying to understand the telling,
we put symbols and beliefs on and in that river.
So that it waters souls and fields,
has a presence in hearts and banks.

I know that rivers flood,
it could take me under and
tear me up, unknowingly.
But that is just water.

 I am smitten by the river of my life
and have to go back now and then.
Follow the looping path,
struggle with the idea of the whole.
That is so huge but
is now a part of me.

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