Tuesday, February 24, 2015


We talk over the phone
you offering me
the latest in exciting
at a fabulous low price.
I say that I want
to see the offer
in writing
so I give you
my email address
and I never hear from you again.
Afterwards I think on this
and realise that
it is theatre.
I play the consumer
and you the
devoted servant.
Promising, for some reason,
 to make my life better
and easier and more fun.
While we both know
your bosses just
want my money.
I wonder how much
you get paid for
your friendly voice.
Not very much
I'm guessing.
So we are both
in this together
although that's
not how it seems.
And we are encouraged
 to not feel that way.


Selwyn Hollis said...

Didn't know you were a poet. Well done, sir!

Hamish Mack said...

Thanks, how do we know each other?

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